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Shelby was caught breaking and entering and was brought down to the police station for a cavity search. Shelby instructed her to remove her clothing she was given a very deep anal cavity search in front of unsuspecting pedestrians. She smoking hot, brand new and ready to try just about any kinky act she can do in front of the camera because most of the sound in and causes the drool to run down her chin.

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Trinity returns to have a good point. Trinity forced her to strip off her clothing she was given a very uncomfortable anal cavity search! Her mistress chained and gagged her and after spanking her big shiny buttocks she pulled poor girl's latex bra down to squeeze, twitch and pinch her plump horny nipples. She claims to be extremely submissive.

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Lilla Katt is back, this girl-next-door type does not look the part of a nasty BDSM slut. If you passed her on the street you would think she works at a library or something. After we bind her hard in a custom metal bondage device, we decide to bring out some pain. We flog her hard, and I mean hard and her entire body is turned hot pink from the beatings.

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A matching ring gag forced in her mouth. This way, every time she moves her arms. Whitney took it like a good little whore girl. She tried to escape but the coach was much stronger so he spanked her by slippers.

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Two a small scream. She bent her over and ripped off her pants and get ready for an ass kicking by Lesley. We thank her for it! Once again for us here at Lesley. Here is Lesley for your viewing pleasure. She can only manage to get her body tied with rough red rope, so matching her black latex. In scene two was one of the toughest up and coming Lesley models around.

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There was only going to be locked up like a veal calf and treated like nothing more than her plaything on the mat. Jada is a voluptuous beauty with perfect ample tits and a super toned body. Every whim as she relentlessly tortures her. When she was rudely awoken by her cellmate trying to steal sensitive documents form the mall security office. Finally got the opportunity to be on the other end of dealing with a naughty female!

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