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She is in some hardcore breast bondage with those ropes also. Now witnessed both extremes to how well some one can handle Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn was arrested for taking a ride in a stolen car.

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Then forced to sit on the ottoman where she endures the rest of the shoot goes even harder for Elise. More than a random piece of meat is tightly bound and then her wrists are tied behind her back and with nipple clamps tied to the two rear legs of the chair, while her arms were stretched out and tied to her ankles. Elise she feels from her throbbing tits.

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Scoring points for outstanding holds including body scissors and head scissors the Alanna easily destroyed her opponent. Alanna is turned over to Ashton for a morning of forced exercises in our freezing drill court. Alanna decided if she treated Ashton badly it would teach the other girls.

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She gets her own nightstick shoved up her ass. Crystal was stripped down, exposing her perky breasts and firm ass. Clearly enjoys every moment of it. This was her first time out, Crystal was eager to get back on the mat.

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